Audessey & aCatCalledFritz

Mark this one in your calendar as we’ve just dropped the debut single for Audessey & FRITZ, “By Design”. These international hip hop collaborators have an EP dropping in 2014, Beats Per Minute, currently available digitally, which also includes the B Side joint “The Hop”. We’ve returned to the superior quality Signature Sevens series for this 45 Single, including limited edition Collectors and Test Press sets with exclusive bonuses. SHIPPING NOW!

PA2: Ltd. Box Set Editions

Without a shadow of doubt Marco Polo’s PA2: The Director’s Cut is the biggest record we’ve released to date. As a x3LP tri-fold gatefold record pressed on 180 gram vinyl there’s nothing else it could be. This monster has just been released, and as always we have some special editions and exclusives up on the SOS store for y’all. Be sure you don’t miss out on the bonus 12″, including Artifacts and Masta Ace joints, as they’ll be gone before you know it!

Real Live Vinyl Resurrection

This is something heads have been waiting 17 years for, so you know we were going to do it up right! On top of a 180 gram x2LP featuring The Long Awaited Instrumentals we’ve got the previously unreleased single “Keep On Movin’” from ’96, and the Lost Beats EP 12″ featuring 26 mins of previously unheard K-Def beats. We’ve pulled out all the stops on this one, and we’re currently shipping the last available copies direct from our Online Store. LIMITED COPIES!

D.I.T.C. Remix Project

SOS is proud to announce it is the official record label of D.I.T.C. with a number of vinyl projects lined-up, including a Remix Album dropping in Spring 2014. This x2LP album will see new remixes by the likes of Showbiz, Lord Finesse, Diamond D, Buckwild, DJ Ogee, DJ Premier, 9th Wonder, Marco Polo, Alchemist, Apollo Brown, and Bink. It will also see the likes of Big L, O.C., A.G., Lord Finesse, Diamond D, Fat Joe, KRS-One, and Big Pun palming the MIC. GET READY!

SOS TV: Tune In

We’ve just launched SOS TV on your basic cable hip-hop network! The idea here was to freshen things up, making the experience of sharing our music and videos a little more interesting for y’all. To that end we’ve created new Jukebox style videos to showcase the discographies of the artists we represent, such as Lord Finesse and K-Def. We’ll be sharing music videos, updating the SOS Discography, and dropping exclusives on the regular. GET SWITCHED ON!

SpiceCloud: Pro bono Phono

To help share some of the incredible music coming out on Slice Of Spice this year we’ve created a new section on our SoundCloud page. Hit the Pro bono Phono (Playing It Forward) Set for some incredible FREE DOWNLOADS and more exclusives. Be sure to follow SOS and repost this on your own SoundCloud page so you don’t miss out on free music from the likes of Lord Finesse, K-Def, AG, Showbiz, Diamond D, Large Pro, Damu, Oxygen, DJ Format, and MORE!