About Slice Of Spice...

Our mission is to produce records to the highest possible standard. We believe our production values should match those of the recording artists we represent, ensuring quality over quantity. Customers don't want buyers remorse and we want the end product to truly match the legacy of the recording artist's music.

SOS Records is the imprint of Slice Of Spice, LLC who provide executive production, project management, and general label services to recording artists and production companies. Respected labels such as Underboss Entertainment, Redefinition Records, Diggers With Gratitude, Project Blue Book, Ghetto Man Beats, Sure Shot! and many more have already chosen to work with us.

We’ve worked with the likes of D.I.T.C., Lord Finesse, Jeru The Damaja K-Def, Grap Luva, Damu The Fudgemunk, Paul Nice, DJ Format, and many more talented artists. Specializing in “Legacy” hip hop releases, we restore previously unreleased and unheard gems to their full vinyl glory and are always looking for new formats and production techniques to keep pushing vinyl boundaries. We’ve already pressed on 5", 7″, 10″, 12″, x2LP, x3LP, Box Sets, Picture Discs, Die-Cuts, Flex-disc, Playable Postcards, CDs, Cassette Tapes and we’re not stopping there!

We help the artists and labels we represent cater for the full spectrum of fans, from the vinyl geeks and collectors who want those rare pieces, to those who just want to purchase and play the straight flat black plastic. We work closely with our clients at putting together a bespoke release package to match their specific needs and budget. We cover the full process from audio, design, production, marketing, sales & distribution, to provide a truly one-stop-shop experience. Working within our network of talented production engineers, designers, pressing plants, and retail partners, ensures that every project is not only a success but results in a truly memorable and quality release. In an already overcrowded market of “limited edition” and “high end” vinyl releases, we ensure our clients fans and customers won’t suffer from buyers remorse.

Pressing vinyl is a true labor of love for Slice of Spice, as it’s our deep rooted passion to ensure that every record we put out is something we’d want to purchase ourselves. If you want to share in our passion for vinyl and collaborate on a release, please contact us and let us know about your project.