SOS Member Qualification & Benefits


SOS Membership is via 'Qualification' or Invitation ONLY. Membership is activated once your Registered Account (a requirement*) is confirmed as updated to 'Member Status' via email. A member of SOS Staff will contact you to confirm this process has been completed. Without a 'confirmed' registered account you will not be able to see items in the SOS Member section of the website or apply the 15% Member Discount.**


  • SPEND $200 OR MORE ON THE SOS STORE: Any customer who makes purchases totaling $200 or more (either via accumulation or in one sale) on our store, automatically qualifies to become an SOS Member.***
  • BY INVITATION: From time to time we will invite registered customers and award memberships as spot prizes or loyalty rewards. Those previously known as 'Subscription Service' members on our old website automatically qualify.** 


Why wait to reach the product purchase goal when you can meet the qualification requirements with one purchase. Pick a one-click membership qualification purchase that best fits your needs from the list below and start saving and collecting today.

  • $200 STORE CREDIT PURCHASE: Purchase a $200 Gift Card and apply it to your registered account as Store Credit to qualify automatically for an SOS Membership. Then buy what you want, when you want...with full member benefits! PURCHASE


  • 15% DISCOUNT ON ALL ITEMS PURCHASED DIRECT FROM SOS: Every member receives a 15% Discount on ALL purchases by simply using the Discount Code SOS Member during checkout. This discount has no expiration date! IMPORTANT: Make sure the discount code has been "applied" before completing your order. Also, if you have cleared your browser cache or are using a different device since your last order, be sure to add the code again during check-out. We can always assist if needed.
  • PRIORITY ORDERING: Members will get early access to order new titles, in particular the more limited edition releases. HERE
  • EARLY SHIPPING: SOS Member orders in most instances will ship ahead of global street dates and in advance of our retail and distribution partners. 
  • EXCLUSIVE VINYL: The SOS Member section of the website contains 'Members Only' Secret Slice releases and exclusive variants. HERE
  • EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT: The SOS Member section of the website contains Merch & Apparel exclusive to members. HERE
  • À LA CARTE SHOPPING: Some records are exclusive to Bundles & Sets for general customers. SOS Members have access to order several of these titles and varients individually while stock lasts.
  • RECORD REBATES: Every month an SOS Member is selected randomly to receive a 'Record Rebate' applied to their order. The selected member then receives a store credit for the amount of their original order.
  • SPECIAL REWARDS & GIVEAWAYS: Regular spot rewards and giveaway competitions exclusive to members.


*Register via the homepage in the top right hand corner.

**Membership is confirmed via members@slice-of-spice.com

***$200 spend does not include shipping costs, product subtotal only. Contact us via the email above to confirm if you already qualify.