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SOS GIFT CARD ($200) w SOS Member Qualification


Slice Of Spice

SOS GIFT CARD ($200) w SOS Member Qualification



Purchase a $200 SOS Gift Card and you AUTOMATICALLY QUALIFY for an SOS Membership, which we will set-up for you. Once we have confirmed your purchase you will be able to access the SOS Members section of the Store and receive additional benefits such as our mandatory 15% Discount on all orders. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please be sure to 'Register' and account on our website before purchase. You can do so in the top right hand corner of the Home page. This will ensure you can track the balance of your gift card and we can give allocate you SOS Member status.


I've Purchased My Membership, What Happens Next?

We will update your registered account to SOS Member status and you will receive a $200 store credit in the form of an SOS Gift Card.

How Do I Receive My Gift Card?

You will receive an email with instructions to print or view the gift card online

How Do I Gift To A Friend?

You can print out the gift card after purchase at home or forward the confirmation email.

How Do You Redeem A Gift Card?

Full instructions through this link. CLICK HERE

Can A Gift Card Be Used More Than Once?

Yes. Provided there is still a balance remaining on the card.

Can I Use More Than One Gift Card For A Purchase?


Can I Use A Gift Card In Conjunction With Other Discount Codes?

Yes. Gift cards are a form of payment

I've Lost My Gift Card Link, What Do I Do?

Email us at orders@slice-of-spice.com for assistance